Welcome to The Goodness Collective! We are Grace and Julia, two girls living in Melbourne who love all things health and wellness. 

Having met at Monash University (we both studied Marketing and were on the Monash Marketing Students Society together), we bonded over our Instagrams which were full of healthy brunches and exercise. We After annoying our followers with endless health foodie pics, we decided to turn our passion into something more meaningful; enter The Goodness Collective. These days, you'll find us scoping out the best healthy eating spots in Melbourne, trying out new exercise classes and seeking out inspiring, likeminded people. It's also not unusual to find us at home on a Friday night eating sweet potato fries, baking healthy cupcakes and making homemade avocado facemasks #grandmalife.  

Grace Gribble, @gracegribs

I literally move a million miles an hour-my friends call it Grace Pace-, I frequently do five things at once, and cant start my day without a good long run. Im obsessed with dogs and have an almond milk latte (but not the gross supermarket branded milk) every day. I love long early morning walks, farmers market adventures with my boy, winter (yep- gimme the cold over summer any day), yin yoga, and I live in activewear when Im not in the office. I am obsessed with healthy baking (I consider it to be meditation) and love to indulge with new nikes, dark chocolate (99% cacao, anyone?) and trips to New York (aka my future home). My favourite time of the day is early mornings, I love 80s movies (The Breakfast Club, St Elmos Fire, Degrassi) and love a cheeky Kardashian sesh (so bad but so good). I have way too many foodie favourites in Melbourne, but a few on top of my list are St Edmonds, Serotonin Dealer, Transformer, Dandelion and Tall Timber.

Julia Leong, @julia_leong_

I'm probably what you call a 'third-culture kid', having grown up moving between Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore and Melbourne. I love going for morning beach walks, practicing yin (restorative) yoga, and doing pilates, barre and aerial yoga classes. In my spare time, I enjoy art (oil painting is one of my hobbies), organising my book collection in alphabetical order (love poetry and books about philosophy) and going to the farmer's market on the weekends. I have an unhealthy obsession with 80's coming of age movies, and have never watched the Kardashians in my life (I'm not hating on you, Grace). You can rely on me for going on spontaneous holidays, and frequently hosting themed dinner parties. I don't really have a favourite food because I can't name one food or beverage in the whole world that I don't enjoy, but if I had to narrow it down to a cuisine- it'll have to be Japanese. My favourite places to eat out in Melbourne are Transformer Fitzoy, Hammer and Tong and Mr Miyagi.