Tucked away off of bustling Swan St in Burnley resides Melbourne's only dedicated paleo cafe. A paleo diet is based on the notion that we should go back to eating real unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. Think lots of plants, meat, seafood and nuts- no sugar, dairy or processed foods. Founded by Tommy Davidson & Jacob Burke, Patch is quickly becoming known as a destination for Melbourne's health conscious community. 

Both the interiors and menu are beautifully crafted. The cafe calls the old Nine Studios building home, the redbrick exterior housing beautiful high ceilings and industrial-chic fittings. Unique and flavour abundant, most cafe goers wouldn't realise that refined sugar or processed food is missing from the menu.  Inventive, aesthetically pleasing cafe food is rarely health conscious but Patch are an exception- so much thought has clearly been put into every dish.

Build your own eggs (and perfect it by adding paleo sides), or try the breakfast salad or salmon cakes. A slice or two of Patch's house made paleo toast to any of the above and voila. For a bit of everything (including kangaroo sausage & grass fed beef-steak) the Cave Man signature dish will satisfy. A standout is the accurately named Showstopper- a pumpkin paleo waffle dish topped with maple candied bacon ice-cream and Anzac crumble. 

Enjoy your flat white coffee with Patch's house-made almond milk or Bonsoy, or give one of their specialty lattes a crack- matcha, chai, butter and golden lattes are all on offer. Sparkling apple cider vinegar and cold-pressed juices are available. 

Patch cafe is open Monday-Sunday 7am-4pm.