Red Robyn


How many friends do you know that have those annoying food allergies that have you checking restaurant menus online eating out? Gluten, dairy, fructose, FODMAPS, seafood, eggs, nut The list is never ending. While most cafes offer gluten free or vegetarian food options, but how many cater for low FODMAP diets or the dreaded nut allergies? Not many! Disappointing, yes but there IS HOPE. Cue Red Robyn.

Located in the centre of Camberwell, Red Robyn is truly a culinary safe-haven for people with food intolerances/allergies. Their menu caters for fructose, dairy, gluten, egg and nut allergies, as well as for vegetarians and vegans. Those with nut allergies will appreciate how rare it is for a café to be fully nut free, but Red Robyn assures that every menu item is 100% nut free.


The menu is truly simple and delicious. Try the vegetarian, fructose, FODMAP friendly banana bread French toast, served with rosewater strawberries, marscapone, mandarin powder and candied buckinis!. Another favourite is the vegan, fructose friendly smoked corn and chive fritters, served with avocado, chipotle slaw, pickled chili and black sesame drizzle- a flavour explosion that you wouldn’t expect from such an ingredient restricted kitchen. Even a simple smashed avocado on toast is special- expect loads of avo, thick cut Gluten Free Precinct toast and perfectly poached eggs.


The organic, fair-trade coffee is also a treat. Sorry almond milk fans, nut free premises=almond milk free premisis, but try your coffee with RR’s housemade coconut milk and you wont be disappointed!

The staff are just as lovely/accommodating as you would expect from a café whose passion is to cater for restrictive diets. Anyone with food allergies can definitely expect to make visits to Red Robyn café a regular occurrence!

Red Robyn Cafe is open Monday-Friday- 7.30am-3pm and weekends 8.30am-3.30pm.