Street Organics: Part 1

Street Organics is somewhere we have both been frequenting for quite some time now. We used to manage to fit in regular dandelion latte runs in between lectures while we were at university. And come exam time, it would not be unusual to find me sitting comfortably at the homely café, buried in my notes. Even to this day, strangely, I find myself at my most productive when working on my laptop from the cosy little courtyard at the back, sipping on a turmeric latte or on a vanilla flavoured water kefir tonic.

There is just something about it; the choice of music in the background (as I’m writing this, Take On Me by Aha is playing; and they even played the Goo Goo Dolls last week!) and the mahogany timber tables both work in synergy to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The best I can describe it as, is that it is an accurate reflection and embodiment of Street Organics’ vision and passion to inspire the concept of food as medicine, and to make organic produce more accessible and affordable.

An inspiring family-run business which started out in Murrumbeena selling organic groceries, the Morrison family (Kristen and Joseph, and their kids Bronte, Pelé and Gryffin) soon outgrew the space, and moved to Malvern in 2012 where the café is today. If you are a local in the area, you probably are either a frequent customer like myself, or have at least heard of Street Organics (in this case, you should make a mental note to check it out pronto). In Part 2 of this blog post where we’ll share the Morrison’s story, but for now, let’s focus on the café itself.

The café offers daily specials, ranging from curries to soups, salads, sandwiches and much more. Today, I had the red coconut curry with tofu, beans and zucchini and a green smoothie while I worked away on my laptop. The spices and flavour were all there, minus the naughtiness you would find in a takeaway Thai dinner. I had it with cauliflower rice (absolutely delicious), and felt amazing after- without the heavy feeling that takeaway curries leave in your stomach.

Bottles of home-made kombucha in flavours ranging from blueberry to chai sit next to stacks of take home ready-made meals (think pumpkin or lentil soup, chilli black bean with cauliflower rice) in the fridge. When people are feeling tired or lazy, they often opt for bad, typically ‘fast’ food, because it generally appears to be the easiest option. Next time you are reaching for the phone to order takeaway pizza, why not grab a frozen meal from Street Organics? Their offering surely doesn’t end here. 

The flourless orange and almond cake and raw snickers bars at the counter tempt just about anyone, as does the list of warm beverages- you’ll find the usual suspects: coffee along with matcha, beetroot and turmeric lattes that are served up with your choice of freshly pressed almond or cashew milk, Last but not least, the back wall boasts a fine selection of organic seeds, grains, coffee beans, even popcorn that you can buy.

Street Organics serves dinner every Thursday night, hosts Raw Vegan High Tea (paleo, GF and sugar free) available 7 days a week ($69 pp.) and is an active member of the local health and wellness community regularly hosting workshops and events in their beautiful space.

Along with hosting events, Street Organics have an online store from which you can purchase a range of organic groceries and home products. You can even order your takeaway meals on here! Did I also mention they have a cake catering service where you can order cakes for special occasions (that tick any dietary requirement box?!) 

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EatOutJulia Leong