Street Organics: Part 2

As I mentioned previously in Street Organics Part 1, the Morrison family have a story to share. Street Organics is more than just another ‘cool’ healthy-eating café. There are so many of those going around. What puts it in a category of its own is what inspired them to open it. In fact, Bronte recalls showing her mother what was going on social media, particularly on Instagram, and how the trend of healthy living was growing and what they were doing was deemed ‘trendy’.

The Morrison family have always been interested in alternative medicine and health. A little known fact about the family, and the inspiration behind Kristen opening a café/grocer was the fact that her youngest child Gryffin was born with Down Syndrome. She found out only after she had given birth, as all her children were born at home. At this point, all that the doctors offered in advice was to watch his development from then on, to get a sense of what his functionality would be like. Kristen refused to believe that it was all he was limited to and capable of. She started researching and researching, and decided that she would do everything in her power to provide Gryffin with the best life possible. Drawing on her interest in health, she nourished him with organic food and supplements, and turned to naturopathy and osteopathy for solutions to improve Gryffin’s wellbeing. Now at age 9, Gryffin attends normal school, and although he needs additional help in literacy and numeracy, he is more socially integrated and capable than he would have been given a different upbringing. When I see Gryffin running around the café, I see a healthy, chatty and cheery 9-year-old.

Kristen firmly believes that diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role in a child’s development. Not only has she inspired her children to be mindful about their health- music-loving Bronte is currently studying Nutrition at Deakin, and loves using her knowledge to help customers who come in asking for dietary advice feel better. ‘Growing up with mum, nutrition has been at the forefront of my life’, she shares. Kristen has even written a book about it, Naturally Better, published in 2010 when Gryffin was 3 to share her success in improving Gryffin’s condition with other parents. The book is a resource for parents who have children with neurological disorders, to show them that diet and nutrition can improve these conditions, and the wellbeing of the family as a whole. 

Writing the book wasn’t enough. Kristen found that organic food was relatively difficult to access and quite expensive, and she wanted to change this. And so Street Organics was born.

Street Organics didn’t intend on joining in, but naturally fit into the maturing trend (in both Kristen’s and my opinion, people are starting to understand why they choose to eat what they eat). Their story is living and breathing proof that a healthy diet and lifestyle can improve and enhance life for all. This, to me, is reason enough (the deliciousness of the food they serve is a bonus) to visit Street Organics, and to support their burning passion to provide affordable and accessible organic food and products. 

InspireJulia Leong