BlendCo, Hawthorn.

The name BlendCo is not an unfamiliar one. The Blendco boys James and Morgan, along with their passionate team, have been serving up their iconic smoothie blends from a food truck in the back streets of Cremorne for quite some time now. Not to mention their presence at Victoria's biggest music festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent and Beyond the Valley: events not normally associated with health and wellness. Blendco's vision? 'Making health food more accessible to everyone'. 

While the south-side has been visibly blessed with a flock of new health-aware cafes and hubs, the inner-eastern suburbs are a little behind in their offering in the category. Enter Blendco's recently opened permanent shopfront on the bustling Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. This new cool kid on the block could not have opened in a better location.

The interior of the store features exposed brick walls and minimalist wooden furniture (the boys impressively built everything themselves, I witnessed it with my own eyes) and most importantly generous natural sunlight (hello, Instagram!). Lush hanging plants draw people in, and the plushy cushions and latest editions of worthy-reads such as Collective Hub invite them to stay a while.

In addition to serving up the usual suspects such as Biggie Smalls and Popeye Green (just to name a few), Blendco arguably serves the best acai, pitaya and baobab smoothie bowls in town. Not to mention that, this week, Blendco commenced the making of hot cacao, matcha (Matcha Maiden), turmeric (Golden Grind) and chai lattes, all very much needed for the Winter season. We must not forget to mention that our favourite Extra Mile Kombucha can also be found here. 

 How good does the baobab smoothie bowl look?!

How good does the baobab smoothie bowl look?!

Despite being a south-side local, in my opinion, Blendco is worth the travel. You'll find me here at least once a week, and by now I have tried and tested every item on the menu and can safely say that you will be well taken care of. Today I had the vitamin c loaded baobab smoothie bowl, which as usual, was refreshing, flavoursome, with just the right ratios of tangy and sweet. 

If you want to stock up on superfoods, you can buy goji berries, buckinis, various nuts and seeds straight from the dispensers that line the side walls. Want an afternoon snack? Raw bliss balls are also made fresh here, and the team are always experimenting with new flavour combinations, and are wonderfully talented at it. 

With the recent launch and expansion of UberEATS, from today onwards, those who live in the vicinity can order Blendco treats straight to your doorstep and enjoy a smoothie bowl (or three) from the comforts of your own home. Although, their aesthetically pleasing store and welcoming atmosphere does make the short trip down worthwhile. 

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