Mr and Mrs Anderson

James Limneos and Roulla Siasanas opened the doors of Mr and Mrs Anderson just a few months ago, with the help of chef Lasse Povlsen (Attica, Three Bags Full) and a unique “farm to plate” menu concept. Their Hawthorn East location is perfect for families, though most don't realise that the produce in their meals comes straight from Roulla’s second home/farm in Gippsland.

Roulla and her husband go back to the Moe property several times a week to maintain and select the best fresh produce for the café. Whatever ingredients they can’t source from the farm come from local suppliers, including Woodfrog Bakery artisian bread, Axil Coffee & Penny for a Pound pastries. After a quick scan of the beverage list we select the green juice, only to be told that there is no specific ingredient list, but that it varies daily depending on what’s in season. Today it’s a blend of kale, cucumber, avocado & pear- does it get any fresher than that?

Both the breakfast and lunch menu are filled with healthy offerings, including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as food that will satisfy those who are less health conscious. For a stunningly sweet (but still super nourishing) breakfast treat, try the coconut milk soaked chia pudding, with coconut yoghurt, fresh blueberries & cacao nibs- perfect if you’re gluten/dairy free and vegan.

Another must-try dish for any vegans is the crispy celeric/parsnip polenta, served with mushrooms three ways (sautéed, fresh and pickled, for those curious), peas and a delectable mushroom/thyme broth. Povlsen explains that the celeric/parsnip puree is created (and cleverly so) as a vegan substitute to the parmesan cheese that traditionally accompanies this dish. The accompanying broth is rich and hearty- worth drenching every bit of crispy polenta in!

And despite our fear of becoming basic Melbourne brunchers’, we admit that the smashed avocado dish is genuinely one of the most unique we’ve ever tried. Served atop a few slices of whatever bread you please (we went for the Woodfrog gluten free), expect a huge portion of avocado with raw kale, organic quinoa, radish and cucumber (fresh from the paddock, no less), toasted seeds, and a secret little ingredient that blew our minds. What is it, you ask? Sesame ponzu dressing. This little piece of magic elevates the dish to a whole new level, with Japanese notes more than present (if you like sushi, you’ll LOVE this). This dish is also vegan, so plant-based diners rejoice!

Mr And Mrs Anderson is one of the few cafes that has succeeded in offering ‘the best of both worlds’- stunningly presented food that also hits the mark with unique and delicious flavour combinations. Their expansive menu that caters for all sorts of dietary choices, and you’ll feel the love from Roulla and the team as soon as you walk in- expect to become friends with the staff fast!

Mr and Mrs Anderson cafe is open 7 days a week, 7am-4pm Monday-Friday, and 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday.