Ray Good on his upcoming mindfulness and meditation course, Recharge.

We’re all familiar with the ‘auto-pilot’ mode. One day it’s Monday, and before you know it, it’s Thursday. It seems like just yesterday that the year started. You find yourself questioning, ‘how is it October already’? The same question you’ve been asking yourself each month. The concept of time is a blur and remembering what you did last week can be a struggle.

You promise yourself over and over again that you’ll be more mindful in everything you do, start meditating more, and live a life of better quality. More often than not, you’ll convince yourself you are ‘too busy’ and ‘too tired’ to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life. Yet on Wednesday nights, you’ll find yourself sitting on the couch watching The Bachelorette, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook watching others’ lives’ go by.

We aren’t as time poor as we think. The time we spend wishing we lived different lives? We could be bettering our lives. Thanks to certified Meditation teacher and Mindfulness coach Ray Good, your Wednesday nights could get much better. In fact, you can change your life.

Enter Recharge- a 4-week meditation and mindfulness course, the next one beginning on October 11th at SoulPod in Richmond, from 7.00pm-8.30pm (get in quick, only a few spots left!)

You’ll learn to manage stress and increase resilience, boost productivity and performance, communicate more effectively and enhance relationships, improve sleep, manage technology better, and ultimately increase happiness and wellbeing. The course incorporates the latest research in mindfulness and neuroscience into simple techniques, making meditation easy and accessible to all.

Link to course info and tickets here:
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2y6MqRz
Course Information: http://bit.ly/2f6oBEX

  ‘Find calm in this crazy world. Take your eyes off the screen, leave your stress at the door, and learn how to recharge yourself’. 

‘Find calm in this crazy world. Take your eyes off the screen, leave your stress at the door, and learn how to recharge yourself’. 

Ray Good chats with us about his mindfulness and meditation journey, and what you will get out of his upcoming course.

1. So, you've had an interesting and diverse career. From DJ-ing to owning popular seafood chain restaurant Hooked, and now Recharge- tell us more about your journey.
Although meditation seems worlds away from my music and hospitality careers, it’s actually been part of my journey from very early on, and has been the one constant that has helped me through an exciting but challenging and often stress-inducing entrepreneurial career path!

In the early 90s I found myself in a position where my music career was at an all-time high, I was an internationally recognised DJ playing all over the world, while at the same time putting on huge parties and festivals, managing a successful record label and record store. I had everything I thought I wanted and yet I just wasn’t happy: I was stressed and overwhelmed and en-route to burn out.

It was then – around 25 years ago - that a friend dragged me along to a meditation class and it was the missing link I’d been searching for: it helped me find balance, manage my stress and ultimately feel happier and more relaxed.  I’ve have maintained a daily practice ever since.  My life certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing since, but meditation has been a constant companion to help me through the tough times and appreciate the good. It’s the pause and the space in my day that allows me to unplug, refocus and recharge.

Meditation and mindfulness have had an enormous impact on my own personal happiness, wellbeing and my relationships and I am passionate about sharing that with others now.

2. What has been your biggest takeaway from it all so far?
Your mind is your most valuable and precious resource; it’s essential that you take time out of your day to look after it.  

3. There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation and mindfulness. What would you like your students (and everyone) to know about both practices?
Now most people assume that meditation is all about stopping our thoughts which, unless your Buddha or Dead is impossible.

Instead, Meditation teaches us to be able to step back & see the constant chatter going on in our minds & give ourselves the opportunity to respond instead of reacting to every thought or emotion, which is handy when we have 50’000 thoughts a day.

4. One mindfulness tip you'd like to share in this busy day and age.
You can mentally recharge by taking one “mindful breath” before starting a new task, like answering the phone, or walking into a meeting etc.

It takes roughly six seconds, and in that time you bring your full attention to one deep breath, the in-breath and then the out-breath, resetting your body and mind.

5. How do you apply what you teach in your daily life, when did you start doing so and how has it affected the quality of your day to day life?
I try to live my life mindfully by being engaged in whatever it is I am doing instead of getting caught in thinking about the past & the future, the brain's normal default mode of being.  I also keep a gratitude journal to help me appreciate the good in my life – and not get caught up in the brain’s natural negativity bias. I am less stressed, happier & more relaxed then I was before I started meditating.

6. Tell us more about Recharge and what inspires you to do what you do.
Recharge was born out of my desire to bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation to an audience that may not have experienced it otherwise.

So many people still view meditation as the domain of Buddhist monks or yogis – yet there is so much evidence now of it’s huge benefits – which is why forward-thinking and extremely successful individuals including entrepreneurs, CEOs, elite athletes, celebrities, politicians, judges and more, have adopted a mindfulness practice to help them function at their peak.

7. You've run a few courses so far, what do you love most about sharing your knowledge and experience with others?
It's an amazing privilege to be able to give people the tools to transform not only their own lives, but also the lives of those around them. I’m constantly in awe of how such simple techniques can have such a profound effect on one's health & happiness.

8. What will one get out of joining your upcoming 4-week course?
By living more in the present moment you will learn how to manage stress, increase resilience and emotional intelligence, improve concentration and focus, be more creative, have better relationships, be more productive and sleep better - not bad for sitting on a cushion!

9. You have plenty of experience building businesses and an inspiring entrepreneurial mindset. Where do you see recharged going next?
I would love to take recharge to a global audience, we need a bit more world peace & inner peace.

Join Ray on your own journey to a better life.
Venue: SoulPod, 14 Stanley Street, Richmond 3121, Melbourne
Dates: 4 Week course from Oct 11th – Nov 1st 2017
Every Wednesday night from 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Cost: $295, numbers are strictly limited to 15 max.

Life flows better when you give yourself space to breathe

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