Brands We Love - Summer Land Camels

How often do you find a brand that truly stands for authenticity, connection and holistic health, as well as offering decent products? Not often! Which is exactly why we are such fans of the Summer Land Artisan Collection camel milk skincare.

Formulated by Nutritional Immunotherapist, Biochemist and Summer Land CEO, Jeff Flood, the 100% natural range offers everything skincare! We’re personal fans of the rose lavender & sweet orange purifying shampoo/conditioner, and the rose geranium & patchouli rejuvinating day cream. The milk is sourced from Summer Land’s own camel dairy in QLD ensuring that every single product is sustainable, ethical and chemical free. The farm even has a cafe & store and offers tours, if you’re in the area!


For those a little less science savvy (i.e. us!), we found out that the unique nature of the camel milk enables it to work within the skins layers, stimulating cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production and a healing/immune response within the skins lower dermal layers. It balances the skins PH (which supports natural vital flora) and even builds it’s defence to UV rays- the perfect compliment to your natural SPF with summer upon us! 

Not quite sold on the whole camel milk thing? Why haven’t we all been using this for years, you ask? Camel milk itself has actually been used for centuries to benefit the skin and hair (over 50 universities internationally are studying camel milk benefits currently). 

Australian Made, all natural, no SLS, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no phthalates, no petrochemicals- no worries! And just in time for Christmas, Summer Land is offering FREE SHIPPING for all Christmas orders- just enter our promo code 'goodness' at the checkout.

Grace Gribble