12596316_10153789501150851_1103614784_n All of us health foodies know with confidence that the beautiful city that we call home, Melbourne, has no lack of #cleaneating dining options on offer. Julia and I have actually made it a personal mission in life to locate and dine at them all (research purposes, ya know?) at least once. But you know those weekend mornings when you wake up wanting to enjoy a delicious, wholesome meal at a café, but you’re sick of your “local” and can’t be bothered stalking every single damn café on Instagram to find an aesthetically pleasing smashed avo on gluten free toast to share with your digital world? Yeah, we have those feels too. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of our 10 favourite go-to cafes for a healthy breaky. Because you shouldn’t have to settle for anything below 11 likes on your brunch grams.

Urban Projuice (Albert Park)

UP is the ultimate health foodie breakfast/brunch/lunch (whatever tickles your fancy) spot in Albert Park- but pretty full-on for health foodie beginners. If you’re into kombucha, raw cakes, golden lattes with nut milk bases and anything gluten/dairy/sugar free- get there NOW. Literally, drop what you’re doing and get on a tram. Favourite menu item award goes to the Superfood Breakfast Salad-  two poached eggs on seasonal greens with mushrooms, avocado mash and sprinkle of super seeds; followed closely by the smashed avo on raw sprouted bread. UP’s raw slice cabinet is also something that needs to be mentioned- never have we seen such an amazing selection of raw, vegan cakes/slices (raw snickers, anyone?).


Walk Don’t Run (Armadale)

WDR holds a special place in our health foodie hearts. Is it the visual masterpiece that is every single dish? The lovely staff? The free wifi? Probably a combination of all. Tucked away in a side-street in Armadale, this little beauty is still relatively undiscovered (judging by the fact that we’ve never had to wait for a table- yep, looking straight at you Tall Timber) and we hope it stays that way! MVP menu item is definitely the Superfood Breakfast- kale, broccolini, spiced pumpkin, barley, green chilli + pepitas, alongside house-made life loaf with light cottage cheese + poached eggs. Special mentions have to go to the savoury breakfast porridge (don’t be turned off- it’s amazing!) and the housemade life-loaf combos (we love it blackberry or strawberry sugar-free raw chia jams + whipped ricotta). Get ready for one of the most beautiful, thoughtful breakfast of your life!


Tall Timber (Prahran)

Where do we start with Tall Timber? We all know and love this Melbourne breaky institution. Rumour has it that they actually invented brunch (not actually but jesus they’re that good that we wouldn’t be surprised- #cafegoals). We love everything about TT- the thoughtful, colourful and varied menu, it’s proximity to Chapel Street, Chef Ryan’s Instagram comments, THE COFFEE- it’s the complete package. If you’re a serious health foodie, you absolutely cannot go past the Sautéed Breaky Greens. Nom. But in all honestly- all of Chef Ryan’s menu items are a delight and relatively healthy/can be made so- so insta-stalk up a storm before ordering!


Holy Bowly (Hampton)

HB is a newbie to the up-and-coming bayside suburb Hampton, but is right at home amongst the health foodies that frequent the area. They say it best themselves- “Holy Bowly is about healthy, clean, honest, refreshing, grab and go food… Fast food that’s good for you.” Expect fresh smoothies, cold-pressed juices, bircher muesli, takeaway superfood bowls, raw vegan slices- as well as a full hot breakfast menu- all catered for health foodies like ourselves (aka sans gluten, dairy and sugar). All produce is fresh, organic, raw and seasonal- meaning maximum nutrients for us! My favourite menu item won’t come as a surprise- the superfood breakfast bowl (much like the rest- full of greens, avo and poached eggs), and the holy greens smoothie (kale, spinach, banana, avocado, coconut water)- who knew that many veggies in one drink would actually taste like heaven? 12626142_10153772844345851_1347661743_n

Serotonin Dealer (Richmond)

Aka “Dealer’s of Happiness”- already sounding pretty great, right? SD has one of the most beautiful café interiors we’ve ever encountered- think rose gold cutlery, glass flask water jugs, wooden everything, splashes of yellow, with a touch of marble thrown in- and SWINGS. Yep, actual swings to eat and play on. The only thing more gorgeous than the design is the menu. This is a rare occasion that a sweet breakfast item is our favourite, but we cannot go past the Positive Pancakes- banana pancakes made with house made banana flour, banana ice cream, berries and hung yoghurt balls roasted in almond and organic agave. Salivate over that description for a while. We also <3 SD's breaky salad (aka the Nutrition Bomb) and their Golden + Cacao Lattes. Where else can you eat your breakfast on a swing? (except in a local park I guess- but that’s a little weird). 12041736_10153540238645851_478526450_n

Patch (Richmond)

Our favourite paleo café in Melbourne- thank you Patch for making paleo food delicious, beautiful and exciting to people who may be unfamiliar with the concept. We’ve got a few favourites whenever we come to Patch; The Showstopper-pumpkin, banana, coconut flour and almond butter waffles with maple candied bacon ice-cream, paleo Anzac crumble, seasonal berries and maple syrup (YES THIS IS A REAL MENU ITEM- BACON ICE CREAM!!!) and the Breakfast Salad- chopped kale, mint, avocado, almond, pomegranate and poached eggs. Patch’s “Paleo Bread” is also one of the best we’ve tried EVER, which luckily, they sell it by the loaf in-store.


A Thousand Blessings Café (Richmond)

Tucked away in a side street in Richmond, you could easily miss ATBC if you aren’t paying attention. ATBC use fresh, seasonal and biodynamic ingredients in their meals- so you can be sure they’re chemical free and nutrient dense. This little café has a killer menu- many, many options- most of which are either gluten/dairy free or vegan, or can be made this way if need be (we love the hell outa these sort of places). The Super Seed Porridge is a must try- amaranth, buckwheat, chia, flax millet and quinoa slaw cooked in almond milk and topped with poached rhubarb, strawberry, banana, nuts, honey and bee pollen. Also give a latte made with TBC’s house made almond/cashew mylk blend a go- super delicious! 12670001_10153789481890851_1282713938_o

Heal Thy Self Co (Yarraville)

Being South East Siders, it’s gotta be a pretty damn special café to get us over the Westgate Bridge. Cue Heal Thy Self Co. This little free-spirited café (think funky beach shack themed interiors) serves delicious, nourishing everyday food- with almost every menu item being gluten free, dairy free or vegan- or able to be catered to these requirements. We love the Nourish Bowl- roasted jap pumpkin, black quinoa, organic greens, tamari toasted pepitas, house sauerkraut and a boiled egg- and for only $14 (for those unaware, that’s pretty damn cheap for a massive breaky salad these days). Be sure to grab a dandelion latte with HTSC’s house made almond milk or one of their super smoothies- our favourite is the Be Clean Green, but when we need a bit of energy we go or the Be Awakened (ft. a double espresso shot, no less).


St Edmonds (Prahran)

While not a strictly #cleaneating establishment like most of our other café recommendations, St Edmonds sneakily offers two of our favourite healthy breakfasts in all of Melbourne (as well as some damn cheap Almond Milk Co coffees- $4 for an almond milk latte is UNHEARD OF- and we love it). The Brekkie Greens- mix of raw broccoli, shredded kale, avocado, fresh chilli, buckwheat kernels, pistachio and poached eggs- is to die for (add a side of sourdough or GF bread if you’re super hungry- we always are). We also love the Maca Green Smoothie Bowl- avocado, banana, mango, spinach, pistachio, oats and fresh berries. SE also have some of the most delightful staff we’ve encountered in our café adventures across the city AND free wifi. Yep. Love.


Trei (Glen Waverley)

If you live in the outer Eastern suburbs, you’ll be delighted to know that the healthy café culture is spreading closer to you! Hooray! Introducing Trei- which offers a delightfully healthy menu without shoving it in your face (you wouldn’t know half of the menu items are sans gluten/dairy/refined sugar unless you ask!). It really is the perfect place to sneakily bring your not-so-clean-eating boyfriend/friends/family. You won’t be disappointed if you order the Coconut Hotcakes- served with nutmeg coyo ice cream, coconut nectar, toasted pistachios and blueberries- this dish is EPIC but also such a monster that you might struggle to finish (not complaining). Top it off with the Matcha Madness smoothie and roll home in a happy healthy food coma.


Special mentions also must be made for a few cafes that didn’t quite make the cut but are still damn awesome and always there for us when we need some healthy hotcakes or a superfood salad- Feast of Merit, SOS café, Mr Hubbard, Little Big Sugar Salt and Little Sunflower.