ClassPass: Where every workout is an adventure.

ClassPass. You're either an enthusiastic member/avid user, have heard about it and are curious about giving it a go, or have no idea what it is (seriously, where have you been hiding?). 

Founded in New York in 2013 by entrepreneur Payal Kadakia, ClassPass currently boasts 8000 partner studios and gyms available for booking worldwide and 19 million reservations made to date. Since its launch in Australia a year ago, the multi-platform fitness class booking service has generated some serious buzz, seeing members recruiting their friends faster than they have spread the current bout of the Spring flu to one another. 

What is all the hype about? ClassPass offers members a 'boarding pass' to local, interstate and international fitness studios at competitive prices, billed monthly with varying membership plans available. Typically, to access a fitness class, one would have to be a member of the gym/studio. The genius of ClassPass technology has removed this barrier, giving members the chance to secure a spot at their class of choice, at a participating gym/studio. Popular studios can book out a week in advance (such as our favourite, Bodhi & Ride), as it works on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you'd better get in quick!

Both the technology and health & wellness industries are innovating at a pace faster than ever before, and ClassPass is impressively capitalising on these trends. Its recommendation feature can help members make decisions that will have the most impact, based on past preferences and feedback. 

From yoga, to pilates, to barre, to HIIT, to spin, to boxing and everything in between, ClassPass allows you to mix up your workout to keep it exciting. With new studios and classes regularly being introduced, there is always something new to try. Working out has increasingly become more social, after all, going to a class with a friend is motivating and way more fun than going alone. 

We spoke to Erin Kindt, Australia's Partner Success Manager to get the low-down on this game-changing app. 

What does your role at ClassPass entail?
I've been with ClassPass for almost a year. My role is all about our amazing studio partners, ensuring that they are set up to win when they join the platform, and looking for opportunities to support them in their partnership with ClassPass in order to maximise their growth and community. I also get to do some fun things like events, writing blogs and of course, going along to their classes!

What do you love most about ClassPass?
The ability to try new things across so many genres of fitness. Through the app, I can discover so many amazing studios that I never would have known about otherwise. It makes going to class an adventure rather than a chore.

Which are a few studios that you are loving at the moment?
Radiant Sol for Yoga, Yoga Flame, S3 for barre and PITFIT for amazing functional fitness.

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