KX Cycle

KX Cycle. A place we have both been frequenting for a few months now, and are finally writing about. Spin is one of our favourite forms of exercise, especially contemporary spin- dimmed lights, music pumping from a sound system, the incorporation of weights... This combination, made popular by SoulCycle and the likes in New York, makes you forget you're on a stationary bike, and transports you to a party in Ibiza...

I spoke to Ali, one of the founders of KX Cycle, on Swan Street in Richmond. 

When did you start KX Cycle, and what were your motivations for starting it?
A: I had moved home from living in New York for three years, and what I really missed being back in Melbourne was my exercise routine I had over there. There wasn't a studio with impeccable customer service and a class that was both challenging and fun. When I got home, I met Eli, who had been with KX Pilates for three years. We had the same vision and ideas about starting a cycling studio, so we started KX Cycle.

What is your favourite thing about spin?
A: Dark room, pumping music, riding to the beat and completely leaving all your worries and troubles out the door. We are addicted to spin because we are addicted to sweating, burning calories and releasing endorphins. 

Why is KX Cycle so unique?
A: KX Cycle uses elements of traditional spin, but incorporates upper body and core exercises to make it a full body, fat blasting workout. We use 1kg and 2kg weights during the class. Our trainers are here not just to take you through a workout, but a journey that is inspiring and that makes you feel amazing.

What do you want people to get out of KX Cycle?
A: First, a 500+ calorie burning workout. Secondly, a sense of belonging- at KX cycle, we are a community that ride together, support each other and help each other achieve our goals. 

Tell us more about the infrared sauna and The Beauty Collective offerings?
A: Eli and I started our infrared sauna business D-Tox Box a year ago. We had additional space in the studio, and wanted to provide a service that would complement our clients in their training. Infrared saunas are amazing for muscle recovery, detoxing, skin purification, weight loss and so much more. Our clients love using it before and after workouts. The Beauty Collective moved into the studio a month ago, offering spray tans, eyebrow shaping, waxing, facials and so on. 

What's next for KX Cycle?
A: It's a secret! But the goal is to expand across the country, as we want to continue inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals. 

For a satisfying, endorphin-releasing full body workout, visit KX Cycle.
Website: kxcycle.com.au
Instagram: @kxcycle