Radiant Sol Yoga

Starting out in a tiny space above a cafe on Bay Street, Port Melbourne back in 2007, Radiant Sol Yoga soon grew into the beautiful yoga space it is today. As yoga is an increasingly growing practice, especially in wellness-centric Melbourne, hearing the motivations behind exceptional studios and teachers never cease to inspire me.

One of my favourite things about being a ClassPass member is the fact that I can visit many yoga studios as I like, to find one that resonates with me. Beginning my day with a good yoga practice allows me to enter the day balanced, both inside and out, and that post-yoga feeling I felt after my 6.15am Power Flow class on Wednesday morning was unreal. 

 Photo credit: Radiant Sol Yoga

Photo credit: Radiant Sol Yoga

The class was challenging to both newcomers and seasoned yogis, allowing both to break a sweat in the 29ÂșC FIR heated studio. Ending in the restorative Viparita Karani pose, Viparita meaning 'inverted', and Karani meaning 'in action', I could not think of a better way to finish up an early morning yoga class, as this pose relieves stress and boosts energy! 

I spoke to Maelani Mills, Director of Radiant Sol Yoga. The inspiration behind the studio was to create a community that welcomes all; community being such a big part of Melbourne's culture. Radiant Sol is about inclusiveness. It is also a place to break a sweat, and a place to re-connect with yourself while at it. That's my favourite thing about yoga - it is as much a workout as it is grounding.

Maelani was initially drawn to the physical practice of yoga, but shares that it was the unexpected lightness she felt emotionally, and the mental clarity that comes with the practice has ultimately had her hooked for life. I couldn't agree more. 

Power Flow is Radiant Sol's signature class, but their other classes -Yin, Slow Flow and Mindfulness (which is something I need to get myself to!) should not be missed. Their class offering is expanding, and they are currently working on a Horse + Yoga Integration Training in 2017 - what is that?! We'll have to stay tuned to find out. 

For a little bit of sunshine for your soul, and your day, head on down to Radiant Sol Yoga.

For their classes and pricing, head here. http://www.radiantsol.com.au/

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 Photo credit: Radiant Sol Yoga

Photo credit: Radiant Sol Yoga