Group Training at The Woodshed

Late last Friday night, I decided on a whim that I needed to get some high intensity exercise the next morning. The exact reason I cannot determine (perhaps the half block of Lindt 90% I devoured the same evening) but it needed to be early in the morning & close to home. And fun (of course). Cue Classpass, the ultimate gym-class-guide, and cue a good half an hour of scrolling through my options, after which I settled on “Small Group Training” at The Woodshed.

Unless you live under a rock or just generally don’t enjoy watching the shame that is The Bachelor, you’ll know that the Woodshed is owned by past Bachelor himself, Sam Wood. Located on the Napean Highway in Brighton East, the class promised “a full body workout” and would “leave me feeling strong, accomplished and sweaty by incorporating low weight, high rep and high intensity training.” Oh, and all levels were welcome. Score.

The space itself is huge (1000 square metres, to be exact), with multiple rooms & a variety of exercise apparatus, some of which I didn’t even recognise. Every class is different, my instructor James tells me, and today we’re going to be taking advantage of the sunshine & moving our workout outside. Pre-7am mood immediately lifted.

After a good 10-minute warm-up of cardio (bikes, skipping ropes, sprints), we jog to a local park for 500m time trials around a football oval, with intervals of leg work in between. The class is challenging but fun, with exercises modified immediately for anyone with injuries or issues.

High-intensity Interval Training (or HITT) is the official term for our Saturday morning workout, and the benefits are many. HITT is efficient, it burns more calories than straight cardio & kicks your body into hyper repair drive for hours afterward. No equipment is necessary and you can quite literally do it anywhere (glorious weather permitting, of course). Finished off with a quick round of ab work and a stretch, the 45-minute session flew by. And it wasn’t even 8am yet.

The Woodshed offers clients amazing facilities, with 25 of Melbourne’s best personal trainers, a small group studio offering 20 sessions per week, exercise physiologists, massage, physio, altitude chamber & health food café. Sign up for classes via The Woodshed website, or via the Classpass app. 

Grace Gribble