The SWEATR Revolution

How many times have you thought of exercising but not ended up going, because the classes you wanted to attend were either too far away from you, or weren’t at a time that suited you? I am guilty of this.

Have you also noticed the abundance of new fitness studios that are popping up on every corner, not to mention the new types of exercise classes that seem to have come into existence from nowhere? From aerial yoga, to spin, barre, and variations of HIIT workouts, we are spoilt for choice in this fitness crazed city. But where do you start?

SWEATR is a new interactive fitness directory, otherwise known as the ‘Urbanspoon of fitness’. Its goal is to increase awareness and accessibility of health and fitness for all. In my opinion, SWEATR in all its technological innovativeness and glory, was launched just two months ago and in our opinion, is going to take the world by storm. 

The concept is simple. On an integrative platform, you simply key in your suburb or postcode, followed by the type of exercise you are looking for, and the date and time you wish to do it. You then hit enter, and watch as magic happens: all the relevant search results in your area appear on your screen with a ‘book now’ button that connects you to mindbodyonline, allowing you to instantly turn your desire to exercise into reality.

No longer will you be able to give yourself the excuse that a certain gym class is too inconvenient, and no longer will you be curious about that new class you wanted to try. SWEATR simplifies the process, and allows you to skip the tedious research. Thanks to the rapidly evolving world of technology, this ergonomically fantastic platform finds classes that suit your timetable, and taste.

It also advertises the best upcoming fitness events. In a city like Melbourne that prides itself on having events and festivals on around the clock, seven days a week, it is understandably overwhelming to filter through the myriad of options to find something that appeals to you.

Who is the mastermind behind this simple but revolutionary idea?! Peter Kotaridis, that is. Peter used to work as a strength and conditioning trainer, wondered how more people could find out about the boot camps he held. This, combined with his innovative thinking saw the birth of SWEATR.

Sports and fitness have always been a big part of Peter’s life, having completed an exercise sports science degree, and having worked in the basketball industry. Peter runs 3-4 times a week, practices yoga twice a week and gyms on the other days. Besides his involvement in SWEATR, he owns another business, and is always coming up with new ideas and new ways to bring the importance of health and fitness to the forefront of our society.

On where we can expect to see SWEATR going, Peter’s goal is to have most of Australia using it this year, and for it to become a leading platform worldwide. We hope to see SWEATR a household name in the coming years.

Instagram: @sweatr_app

MoveJulia Leong