Body Flow Yoga

Another brilliant studio has recently joined the ClassPass bandwagon. We have previously written a piece on Body Flow Yoga for our friends at Chief Active, so thought we would share the article on our own blog, as we are so excited about the growth of aerial yoga in our Melbourne community. Now, with ClassPass, we can easily schedule our weekly aerial yoga classes in! 

Original source: Chief Active

The practice of aerial yoga ignites a certain child-like excitement in me. The idea of twirling myself around and upside down in silk hammocks that are suspended in the air always makes me want to run to the next class!

It is widely known that practicing yoga regularly benefits our health and wellbeing in a holistic way. Through holding poses and asanas that challenge and strengthen our body physically, we learn to gain control of what goes on in our minds and in turn connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

But why aerial yoga? “Yoga can be challenging, and aerial yoga makes it more accessible but doesn’t diminish the wow-ness of the practice as it is very strong- yet is safe,” said Sophie Lefevre, founder of Body Flow Yoga.

I’ve always had positive experiences during classes and it’s definitely not as hard as it looks. I promise that you don’t need to be an acrobat to get into the seemingly challenging positions. With Sophie’s dedicated teaching and care, she has helped me amongst many others to enjoy the benefits of the aerial yoga practice.

Sophie first came across the aerial yoga slings while on a yoga retreat in Bali back in 2008. Having already founded Body Flow Yoga back in 2000, she introduced body flow aerial to Melbourne as soon as she could get her hands on silk slings from the USA!

 Image: Body Flow Yoga

Image: Body Flow Yoga

Other than the obvious, there are differences between aerial and floor practice. “They are the same in the way that they create the mind-body connection, but aerial yoga offers additional physiological benefits,” said Sophie. “Such as extremely powerful spinal extensions assisted by gravity, and deep hip stretches, which strengthens our core and upper bodies. Aerial yoga creates a safe form of inversion support to help you get into the position. Unlike the traditional headstand which comes with the risk of compression through the neck, there is no compression in the spine in aerial.” Sophie sees aerial yoga as complementary to floor practice, with people reporting they feel more opening and space in their bodies when going into a floor class following an aerial class.

So what are the specific benefits of aerial yoga?

  • Improved circulation and detoxing properties like any yoga practice
  • Strengthening of the core and upper body
  • Inversions increase blood flow to the head which can assist in cellular rejuvenation of the skin on our face giving us a healthy glow
  • Increases muscular flexibility and mobility of joints
  • Lengthens spine, reduces vertebral compression and improves function of nerves throughout the body
  • Transforms emotions and thought while bringing on relaxation
  • Develops our mind-body connection by giving us a new way to experience our physical selves and explore the way our bodies can move
 Image: Body Flow Yoga

Image: Body Flow Yoga

For me, the most rewarding part of the class is being able to get into, and hold the difficult looking inversions that reap all sorts of benefits. “Aerial yoga is an effective form of opening up energy channels for Westerners who are unfortunately less physical than optimal,” said Sophie.

If you’re busy and looking for a new effective way to combine working out with a relaxation and you share that child-like excitement for climbing and swinging on things as I do, aerial yoga at Body Flow Yoga is for you.

Body Flow Yoga

Level 1, 5 Eastbourne Street, Windsor